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Image by Milada Vigerova

"My experience with Christy was amazing. She made me feel so comfortable, relaxed, and open to receiving healing. The way she connects with your energy as well as reads and receives messages from loved ones and spirit guides is an unexplainable feeling. She helped me feel grounded, confident and loved  going into the next part of my life, and opened up parts of me I didn’t even know were closed off, and for that I will forever be grateful. It’s definitely an experience I want to have again as I feel my energy is flowing better, and I am more in harmony with myself and the people around me."

Jasmine E.
Vernon, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing


My reiki session with Christy was not only healing and relaxing, but she also gave me some excellent resources that I could take with me on my healing journey and use in my day-to-day life. She was able to take really abstract ideas and feelings and give them words and make them concrete, providing me with colours and images and metaphors that offered a great way to visualize what was happening in my body, heart, and soul. Now, a few months after the session, I still find myself regularly returning to those images, in order to remind myself of what I am feeling or to recognize what I could do in the moment to continue working towards health and wholeness or even to remember many of affirmations she provided me. During the session, Christy regularly asked questions and checked in, and clearly explained everything she was going to do. Her intuitive and empathetic manner really made me feel comfortable to fully let go and be present, and I was amazed at how intimate and effective a virtual session could be. I have known Christy for a very long time so I was overwhelmed, surprised, and overjoyed that she was able to provide me with insight into aspects of my life and being that I had never really shared before. When I left the session, I felt affirmed and inspired and ready to step back into life more fully grounded in myself and my purpose.

Larissa S.     
Maastricht, Netherlands 
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Christy is the embodiment of gentle harmonious guidance. She gracefully leads you through what you already know and are needing confirmation on. The result is deep peace, orientation to self and recognition of the radiance of your own intuition shining through. This is for anyone that in curious about a knowledge they just can’t quite put their finger on. When you have a sense, but can’t quite make sense of it, Christy will support you with elegant simplicity and that makes all of it so simple, fun and profound.

Sarah H.
Vernon, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Christy’s gentle nature and sure hands provide an experienced and incredibly relaxing facial and massage that would be amazing all on its own. But things really get interesting when Christy starts delivering detailed, personal messages from your spirit guides and passed over loved ones! I received affirmations, guidance, and insights that were eye-opening, impactful and that will stay with me far into the future as I navigate my path forward. Christy has a true gift that is the ultimate treat for yourself and like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Heather C.
Los Angeles, USA
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing and Reiki Facial

Image by Chris Jarvis

"My experience with Christy was life changing. She gently checked in with me to learn my intentions and goals for our beautiful session. As she worked her magic, providing reiki towards areas that needed cleansing, she introduced me to my beautiful spirit guides and helped me connect with a loved one that I miss dearly. My experience left me with clarity, healing and renewed energy to live a life that is abundant and harmonious. Christy is specially talented with unbelievable expertise and provides love and care within this vulnerable experience. I would encourage everyone to experience Christy's gift."

Aimee M.
Nanaimo, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing

As someone who has never experienced reiki and is new to the practice, I felt very comfortable with Christy. She explained everything very well and even though my spirit guides were hesitant to come forward at the time she was still able to receive visions and read my energy to provide me with eye opening information. It’s helped me to begin my spiritual journey knowing that I can shape my own reality and grow so much more from here. I’m so thankful that Christy was able to do this for me and I look forward to the next session.

Morgan M.
Armstrong, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing

I'm so grateful for Christy and that the divine/universe crossed our paths. Some things that came up in my session were thoughts and feeling I have been thinking about a lot, some were new and resonated with me. It was just such an on point and sacred reading. To feel so seen and have such a beautiful healing, I can't thank her enough.

Alexandra S.
Nanaimo, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing

"Wow! Amazing experiences! So cool! This is how I’d describe my reiki sessions with Christy. I was blown away by her ability to tap into my energy and the energy around me. These were my first experiences with reiki and I was open to whatever would transpire. I didn’t really know what to expect. Gosh did I ever feel my energy shift. I laughed, I cried and was able to feel physical movement within my body throughout our sessions. Christy guided the sessions beautifully. Her calm, gentle, and nurturing way made me feel comfortable and safe. She was able to tap into wisdom from my spirit guides and receive messages from past loved ones. Mind blown! This was an eye-opening, exciting experience I’d recommend to anyone who is open to the possibilities of reiki."

Kara H.
Cedar, Canada
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing and Reiki Facial

Reiki Healing
Image by Christin Hume

"My Reiki Facial with Christy was an amazing and transformative experience. Before my session with Christy, I had very little understanding of reiki and what it would do for my mind and body health. Christy was so welcoming and gentle and made me feel so comfortable throughout the session. I asked her to walk me through the experience as she went and I loved listening to her explain what she was doing and how it would help me. Throughout the session she had messages for me from my spirit guides and she let me know that there were loved ones of mine who had passed who were watching out for me. These messages made me feel very emotional and connected to my soul. It was a beautiful experience. I highly recommend Christy to anyone who is interested in getting in tune with their mind and soul. I will definitely be returning to her to maintain the health of my energy!"

Madison V.
Seattle, USA
Distance Reiki & Intuitive Healing and Reiki Facial


"My Reiki Facial with Christy was an incredible eye opening experience. Having no idea what to expect, she connected with my energy and was able to tap into my inner self. In addition to her always delicate hands, the intuitive messages she received from my spirit guides and past loved ones, brought me comfort, emotional release, healing, love and insight. She helped me to understand a deeper purpose and meaning of things in my life. I've enjoyed Christy's facials for years but this experience was on entirely new level. If you are open to new experiences this is something I would highly recommend."

Michelle S.
Vancouver, Canada
Reiki Facial

Image by Zé Zorzan


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