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I am a Mentor, Reiki Master, Spiritual Medium, Akashic Record Reader, Psychic, Skin Care Therapist/Esthetician, Mother of 3 incredible children, Wife to my soul mate, a triple Cancer and an Emotional 2/4 Manifesting Generator. Below I've shared a little bit about my journey and how I discovered my calling in this very unique and fulfilling career.

​Skin care has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. At the age of 13 I was creating masks out of oatmeal, eggs and honey and applying them to my unsuspecting girlfriends at our slumber parties. I went on to become a licensed esthetician in 2003 and opened my spa in 2005 in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of BC, Canada, while raising my son and older daughter. In 2017 I made the transition to Seattle, after marrying my soul mate. We soon after welcomed our youngest daughter and this beautiful period in time allowed me to step further into my intuitive giftings.

As a child of 10 I began experiencing my clairaudience gift (clear-hearing), often hearing loving, kind wisdom as gentle voice in my head. In my teens I took to journaling this guidance, often receiving intuitive information not only for myself but for others as well. I did not think much of this daily ritual, as it was my normal. As a young adult I began to have visions of future events and thought it was "cool" but believed they were one off events. Shortly after meeting my husband, my youngest daughter introduced herself to me in a dream. The experience was so real and life altering that it set me on a new path.

Energy work has been part of my healing journey for many years. I often wondered if I might be called to this type of work, but my self doubt around my intuition kept me from pursuing this path. It wasn't until I took my Reiki training that I uncovered what Spirit had in store for me. I came to understand that my Spirit Guides had been communicating with me all these years. The gentle, kind voice in my head were their words of wisdom, connecting me to my higher self. My ability to channel became stronger and I began to not only hear but also see (clairvoyance), know (claircognizance) and feel (clairsentience) Spirit. To my surprise I also began communicating with my passed over grandmothers and on occasion feel and see spirits, which led me to pursue training as a psychic and medium. 

As a Skincare Therapist I discovered there is a beautiful link between my ability to ease clients into a relaxed meditative state and the channel it creates. This allows me to receive messages for their highest good and healing from their Spirit Guides, Loved Ones and Angels. I can feel the balance and shift in their energy/chakras as they receive this loving guidance and insight. As the facilitator of these messages my soul lights up. I truly believe it is part of my divine purpose to help others connect with their higher selves, reminding them of their connection to Spirit and how deeply they are loved.

Through my work, especially as an Intuitive Development Mentor, I have had the wonderful opportunity of watching my clients transform their lives as they've learned to connect with their intuition, meet their Spirit Guides, find answers in their Akashic Records and create a sacred place to connect with their subconscious. The healing and growth that comes from this connection brings lasting awareness, peace and contentment that is a joy to behold. It is an honor to watch as they awaken to their soul's highest potential.

I have been blessed to train under these incredible mentors & teachers.

Marie Manuchehri - Mediumship & Psychic Development

Suzanne Giesemann - Mediumship Development

Danielle Searancke - Mediumship & Psychic Development, Mentorship

Kimberly Morrow - Psychic Development & Mentorship

Lisa Thiele - Reiki Training & Mentorship

Aprelle Huff - Reiki Masters Training

Julie Poole - Manifesting Mentor

Heidi Reid - Mindscape Training

I would be honored to work with you and your Spirit Team.

Much love,


~xo ​​

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Finding a healing practitioner that resonates with you will allow you to lean into your personal healing with grace and ease. I look forward to connecting and working with all the beautiful souls that spirit inspires to find me.

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